Assessing investment projects and policy options for evidence-based decision making

We know planning for complex territorial systems is hard. It requires taking into account many interlinked variables that have a direct impact on citizens’ lives. Modeling urban growth scenarios requires collecting, standardizing and integrating information from different sources and performing several statistical processes and validations before forecasting future conditions. To ease this process we created the Urban Performance Tool.

Urban Performance assesses the city's present and future performance by creating multiple growth scenarios that include investment projects, public policies and land regulations. The results are evaluated in a set of indicators related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Urban Performance tool allows

It's all about flexibility
Urban Performance was designed with flexibility in mind

A web app

Perform agile assessments and save the trouble of downloading and installing software.

Open source

All the methods in the tool are transparent, replicable, and of course, customizable.


Access the tool from any operative system. All you need is a browser and internet access.


Host the tool in your own computer, in a Linux server or in the cloud.

Allowing policy makers to act strategically

Urban Performance allows stakeholders to act according to the vision they have for their city. Users can open the tool, visualize and communicate results in minutes. Overall, Urban Performance offers.

Urban Performance at glance

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